Thursday, June 17, 2010

What Makes Us Happy...

From "Delivering Happiness" by Tony Hsieh:
The 4 Factors that contribute the most to our happiness, along with my interpretation of each:

1) Percieved Control
None of us are really in control of anything, of course, control is an illusion. However people that feel in control of their lives are happier.

2) Percieved Progress
Seeing progress in our lives. Promotions. Graduations. Engagement. Marriage. Acquiring things. Learning. Acheiving Set Goals.

Having a group of friends, family, people to share our sucesses, people to support us, to cheer us on, to be witnesses to our lives. People to laugh and cry with, people to validate our feelings and our existence.

4)Vision/ Meaning
Feeling a sense of purpose. Feeling a sense of belonging. Feeling a sense that we are part of a bigger picture. Feeling unique and important.

This really opened my eyes....all of it is so true. Think of the happiest people you think of the unhappiest.

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